2023 is the Year of Transformation

It is daring to declare 2023 as the year of transformation for the St. Petersburg Innovation District.  Especially since we reached new heights in 2022 that we had not even considered when the District began six years ago.  Together we brought new technology jobs to St. Pete, facilitated collaborations that yielded new grant funding and revenue for local organizations, and fueled projects that are energizing our community.

Our plans for 2023 build upon those past successes and seek to take advantage of the incredible opportunities ahead.  They include future development that addresses housing, shared amenities, office space, and entrepreneurial incubation; untapped potential for growth in our target industries; and development of "next generation" careers in science and technology.The top four priorities for the District in 2023 are:

  1. Develop a District Master Plan
  2. Maximize the Maritime and Defense Technology HUB
  3. Pursue transformational funding for the New Blue Economy
  4. Strengthen our capabilities as a District

In addition to these priorities, there are dozens of activities ranging from digital inclusion to youth STEAM education that we are planning as well.  2023 will be busy and if we do it right - the impact of our efforts will be transformational.

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