Data Changes How We See the World

I spent a few days recently in Dallas at a round table discussion with technology leaders from cities throughout the country.   I was there to share how the St. Pete Innovation District has become a testbed for smart city projects.  Listening to the discussions I learned a lot.  Unsurprising the challenges are similar.  However, each community is using data in different ways to better understand the issues and assess potential solutions.  From accurate maps to understand the availability of high speed internet fiber to dashboards that display environmental and lighting sensors, communities are looking to data to answer questions they couldn't before and to validate their investments.

As you will read in the November 2022 newsletter, data is helping make sense of what happened during Hurricane Ian, being used by CDC to mitigate health risks, and can drive future economic opportunities from the ocean.  I suspect you are using data in your life and/or work more than you ever have before.

-Alison Barlow

Executive Director, St. Petersburg Innovation District

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