Latest Technology Accelerator Cohort Launched

Congratulations to the Tampa Bay Innovation Center (TBIC) Spring 2022 Cohort.  Launched in mid-April, these six technology startups are receiving training and mentoring in customer discovery, product strategy, investor-readiness, and entrepreneurial leadership.  The startups are:

  • Beacon Advocates – Resource marketplace for connecting cancer patients and their families with a wide range of resources for enhancing care.
  • CBio – Diagnostic tool for use in vaccine development, drug testing, and pathogen detection.
  • Cross Compute – Tools and utilities for data analytics, specifically in the public utilities industry.
  • Destination Better – ESG auditing and reporting tool for public companies.
  • SueApp – Self-service legal tech product that enables the filling small claims online.
  • Zing Drone – Last-mile delivery via autonomous drones.

[from the Innovation District May 2022 Newsletter]

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