State of Science Impressed Us Again.

Last week St. Pete Innovation District hosted its 6th State of Science and Innovation. This event highlights innovators who are doing creative, thought-provoking, and impactful work. This is always a favorite event of the year and once again the event didn't disappoint. Personally I love the event for two reasons. First, my inner nerd gets a chance to learn something new (someday this trove of knowledge will win me a trivia contest). Second, I get energized by the ingenuity of our community members. I am confident that if we held an entire day of presentations it would be full of fantastic stories. Imagine 6 hours x 6 mins presentations = 60 presentations!!!

I want to thank the speakers so much for contributions! Its nerve racking to be asked to summarize your entire world into 6 minutes and then to be told you won't have control of the slide clicker. They always rise to the occasion and do fabulous. Please check out these speakers - visit their spaces (if possible) - and support their work.  

The 2024 Speakers were:

  • Dr. Hank Hine, The Dali - digital dreams: innovating the dalí experience
  • Dr. Nicole Raineault, Florida Institute of Oceanography - Peerside: developing the new blue economy workforce
  • Nicky Bruger, Digital Twin Marine - Digital twins in maritime and utilities
  • Dr. Mohamed Rehman, Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital - Clinical Informatics & Human Digital Twin Project
  • Dr. Julia Pfaff, Bayfront Health St. Petersburg - Hypoglossal Nerve Stimulator Implantation in the Surgical Treatment of Sleep Apnea
  • Dr. Shelly Wagers, University of South Florida - Addressing Human Trafficking with BRIGHT

Some of these organizations (and many more) will be hosting exhibits at the Science Festival and MarineQuest on February 10th.  I hope to see you there!

Alison Barlow

Executive Director

To read more about the 2024 State of Science visit St. Pete Catalyst and I Love the Burg.

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