Facility for the Interdisciplinary Center of Excellence in Environmental and Oceanographic Sciences Tops USF Wish List

At the top of the University of South Florida’s wish list this year for capital funds from the Florida Legislature is a request that leaders across the region say could boost St. Petersburg’s stature as a marine science hub.

The university plans to request $30 million during the upcoming legislative session and $30 million in 2023 to launch an $80 million facility on its St. Petersburg campus dubbed the Interdisciplinary Center of Excellence in Environmental and Oceanographic Sciences. The Legislature convenes on Jan. 11 for its regular 60-day session. To make way for the new center, the northwest wing of the Marine Sciences Complex would be demolished, and the remaining 80-year-old facilities would be remodeled. The facility would house the Florida Flood Hub for Applied Research and Innovation and a new data visualization center that could provide information and analysis to businesses and policymakers.

To learn more about the new facility: St. Pete ocean science center tops USF’s legislative wish list

source: SPID Nov/Dec Newsletter

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