Dalí Museum

Largest collection of Dalí’s works outside Europe

The Dalí Museum cares for and shares an expertly curated collection of Salvador Dalí’s work, preserving his legacy for generations to come. And, through Dalí -inspired events, exhibits & experiences, the Museum serves as an active resource in the cultural life of the community and the world at large. The Dalí has been the unofficial heart of fine arts in the Tampa Bay area since its opening in 1982. The debut of the new building in January 2011 has contributed to the cultural renaissance – a movement that has experienced an explosion of artistic institutions and outlets that both residents and visitors can enjoy. The Dali is home to the Innovation Labs, Dali Lives and Masterworks in Augmented Reality. It is a leading example of bridging connections between disciplines - science, technology and art. Its programming reflects the science of innvoation through the integration of psychology, neruoscience and humanities.


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