Maritime and Defense Technology Hub

About this Initiative

The Maritime and Defense Technology Hub (Hub) in the St. Pete Innovation District brings together under one roof the triple helix of innovation: industry, government, and academia.  It takes advantage of increased funding for maritime and technology solutions by the State and Federal governments including the Department of Defense.   The Hub leverages the unique attributes of the building such as a workspace with port access, rooms designed for secure communications, and wet/chemical laboratories.

The Innovation District has curated a cluster of collaborative organizations as the sub-tenants in the Hub.  The sub-tenant leases are for a combination of dedicated office space and shared co-working areas.  The selected sub-tenants are aligned to the Grow Smarter and County target industries with particular attention on marine science and defense technology.

The Hub organizations are expected to engage as members of the Innovation District and the broader St. Petersburg community in efforts such as internships, peer mentoring of entrepreneurs/small businesses, and technical exchange events.

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