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Data & Technology


Data & Technology

Data is used daily in the SPID to deploy information and create technology that better serves the quality of life of a population. From entrepreneurs, to city planners, marine scientists, programmers, analysts and beyond, projects are underway that capture data, synthesize it, communicate it and use the intel to deploy solutions to the community.


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Stories about this Pillar

November 1, 2022
November 29, 2022

The Tampa Bay region, led by the St. Pete Innovation District, is poised to be a leader in the growing New Blue Economy. This is a different approach than the traditional blue economy. The New Blue Economy is a knowledge-based economy - data and technology lead the way for deeper analysis of challenges and opportunities in the marine environment.

November 1, 2022
November 29, 2022

St. Petersburg native Pat Mack is quick to note he is not an epidemiologist; he is a self-described computer science nerd. His company PVM, however, utilizes its data evaluation expertise to help the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reduce public health risks by improving its surveillance and outbreak response efforts.

June 30, 2022
July 21, 2022

Three Saildrones made their way into Tampa Bay and back to the Maritime and Defense Technology Hub (in the Port of St. Pete).

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St. Pete Innovation District, Seniors in Service, St. Pete Innovation District