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Marine Science


Marine Science

The SPID is home to the largest collection of Marine Science, oceanographic and environmental research agencies and institutions in the Southeast. This includes private business, government agencies, educational institutions and non-profits.


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Stories about this Pillar

photo source: St. Pete Innovation District
March 31, 2023
May 12, 2023

It was fascinating to see historic vessels side-by-side with the R/V Weatherbird II - each vessel has contributed to the maritime industry in an unique way.

photo source: FWC
March 31, 2023
May 12, 2023

What does red tide mean for you and your family?

November 1, 2022
November 29, 2022

The Tampa Bay region, led by the St. Pete Innovation District, is poised to be a leader in the growing New Blue Economy. This is a different approach than the traditional blue economy. The New Blue Economy is a knowledge-based economy - data and technology lead the way for deeper analysis of challenges and opportunities in the marine environment.

Image Credits: 
Florida Institute of Oceanography, Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital, St. Pete Science Festival, Florida Institute of Oceanography